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Beach Ultimat Hat tournament in Phuket

On Oct 29th, the 3rd Phuket Hat will take place in Thailand.. But this time on Nai Thon beach, Phuket's finest stretch of sand.

There is everything you need...beach bar, snorkling, massage. It's basically the last undeveloped beach on the island, and so the experience is that much better.

Registration is simply by sending an email to and let James know that you are interested. More info can be found on Facebook:

Doesn't this look like Beach Ultimate paradise?

Posted by Patrick on September 23, 2011 5:55 PM
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4-on-4 Beach Ultimate alive and kicking!

Although 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate is still the preferred sport for most players, 4-on-4 Beach Ultimate is still alive and kicking.

It was invented by Florida player Tim Finan in an effort to speed up the game and make it even more spectator friendly. The field is somewhat shorter and a slightly wider than 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate. The stall count is only 6 seconds and an endzone-to-endzone score is worth 2 points (

Wildwood in New Jersey is by far the largest Beach Ultimate tournament in the world, irrespective of the format, and they have 400+ team playing 4-on-4. In Boracay (Philippines), the 4-on-4 game has resulted in them playing the finals at the recent 5-on-5 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU2011).

In France the 4-on-4 league will go to its 4th season next year and this league keep on growing. Check out the 2011 French cup:

Posted by Patrick on September 17, 2011 4:15 PM
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WCBU Spirit of the Game - Final standings

Below are the final classifications with regards to the Spirit of the Game at the World Championships.

We would like to remind everyone that a normal game is considered to have good spirit and that would result in 10 points (2 points per category).

We recognize that there is still a need for more education on how to use the system, but we looked at individual scores per game we can say that there were only a few games that had low scores and that the overall Spirit at the WCBU was exemplary.


Posted by Patrick on September 9, 2011 5:16 PM
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Most remote game of Beach Ultimate on British mainland

Last weekend saw a group of 12 adventurous Ultimate players travel to Sandwood Bay for what we believe is the most remote/north-western game of Beach Ultimate ever played on the British mainland. Sandwood Bay is 6 miles south of Cape Wrath (The most NW point on mainland GB) and requires a 4 mile hike from the nearest road to access it.

They camped out for 2 nights and played 3 full games over the weekend. The Saturday night 'party' featured dinner at the beach watching the sun setting, a few fireworks and then a large amount of whisky and stargazing. Luck was definitely on their side with the weather for the weekend, however this also seemed to suit the local population of ravenous midges!

Look at this amazing picture:

Posted by Patrick on September 8, 2011 11:44 AM
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World Championships write-ups

The World Championships are over. What an amazing event! We could write a long blog post of all the things that happened but we could never report as eloquently as some others, so here is a list of some links you should check out:

Tony Leonardo's articles:

Blockstack.TV coverage:


Luke Johnson's video's of the finals:

Final standings:

A big thanks goes out to all players, organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and anyone that has made the 2011 World Championships of Beach Ultimate such an amazing success.

Posted by Patrick on September 4, 2011 10:27 AM
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